BSc in Agriculture or Environmental Management

Course Introduction

In recent years, the voice of environmental protection has become important. How to coexist with nature and strike a balance between ecology and the living environment is really an art. It is closely related to us in life, and people’s demand for this aspect is also increasing. SPT Group takes the lead with Warnborough College co-operating with Bachelor degree program related to arboriculture and environmental science.
Course content includes sustainable agriculture, hydroponic planting, lawn maintenance, tree rehabilitation and natural garden design, etc… Practical subjects suitable for urban life and environmental protection are included.

Online learning

The course study mode is based on the emerging online learning platform, mainly remote study. It is convenient for in-service employees to make good use of their spare time and realize on-the-job training flexibly. Make the best preparations easily for promotion or changing careers.

Course Outline:

Compulsory unit

BAG215 Sustainable Agriculture
BAG304 Agriculture Marketing
BHT205 Tree Health Management
BAG211 Aquaculture
BEN301 Environmental Assessment
BAG305 Organic Farming
BGN303 Final Project


Environmental Management Elective Course
BHT104 Turf Maintenance
BHT201 Permaculture Systems
BEN201 Conservation and Environment Management
BHT205 Trees for Rehabilitation

Agriculture Elective Course
BHT 106 Arboriculture I
BAG208 Poultry
BHT208 Arboriculture II
BHT215 Natural Garden Design

Conditions for the Award

Study time:12 – 24 months。

Please call for details 51128649 or email for course information