Professional Engineers (CEng) Examination Consulting Service

Service Introduction

Shinny Performance Training Group Limited has set up a professional engineer examination consultant service to provide students with examination guidance and improve the success rate.

Consultancy service:

  • One on one teaching, tailored to the needs of students with different types of  work experience and academic backgrounds;
  • Report writing: teaches the needs, skills and precautions of professional examination report writing;
  • Report review: Our experts review and comment on student reports, experts provide suggestions for professional revisions, and there is no limit to the number of revisions until the report meets the requirements of the society.
  • Mock interview training: explain and analyze the preparation and practical training required for the interview
  • Provide case analysis, Share the real-life experience, actual interview strategy;
  • High accuracy: exclusive analysis and teaching of past questions and scope;
  • Teach the essence of licensing examination tricks, key explanations;
  • All mentors are senior surveyors or engineers in the industry;
  • In addition to teaching interview skills, consultants will also share industry development experience

3 guaranteed free service

  • Free passing rate evaluation 
  • Free qualification assessment
  • Free 15 minutes consultation with the mentor (meet or phone), (the time for the first consultation with the tutor depends on the actual situation)


The professional institute includes:

Professional mentor team:

Taught by a senior surveyor or engineer (our college will arrange a tutor according to the institute)

Consultancy fees:

Approximately HK$20,000 to HK$35,000 (depending on the institutes) * We want every student to successfully pass the exam, get the best results easily, and successfully become a professional surveyor or engineer! Welcome to submit student resume to for preliminary consultation and review for the qualification