Professional Certificate in Junior Property Facilities and Club Management

Course Introduction

This course will introduce in detail the work of the property, facilities and club industry, and establish a foundation for students interested in joining the industry.

Suitable for:

-People who intend to join the “property, facility and club industry”

-Suitable for newcomers

-Assist major property management companies to train new employees

Course content

Introduction to property, facilities and club management

Past events and case studies of property, facility and club management
-Preparation before entry,
Preparation of resume and interview skill training

Introduce further study of property, facilities and club management and the way to obtain professional qualifications

Teaching model

Tuition fee: HK $1,800

Evening lessons (under special circumstances, classes will be taught online)

Date: 13/6, 20/6, 27/6, 4/7/2020 (Sat)

Courses: 4 lessons (14 hours)

Class hours: 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Teaching Language: Cantonese supplemented with Chinese handouts

Timetable: Please check with the college staff for the latest timetable

For details, please call / whatsapp 51128649/9317 3131,

Or email

Join the property management, facilities, club management industry now! Also welcome all property management companies to inquire about the details of the package.

SPT are here for those who transitioned:
Under the epidemic, some industries were in a slump.Many friends were unemployed or forced to take unpaid leave. SPT Education provided two major supports to encourage job changes in the epidemic:
1) Speaical offer for unemployed students
2) SPT Education will be happy to offer the job opportunity for students. *Only the employer decides whether to accept or not.