AS Registered Contractor Strategy Class (Specialized Contractor)

Course Introduction


This course is for those interested in applying for the Buildings Department’s registration as an authorized signatory (AS) for general building contractors (specialized contractors). Specialized contractors include the Ventilation Works Category, Foundation Works Category and Site formation works category (Site Formation Works Category). The courses are conducted independently for each category. Experts from this category are required to test the key points and requirements of the Buildings Department. Students can also apply for AS registered contractor strategy class (intensive reading class) at a discounted price.



Course targets

  • Anyone who intends to become a specialized contractor AS



Lecturer background

  • The main lecturer is a Senior Licensed Surveyor (HKIS RPS RICS)
  • Guest lecturer is an Authorized signatory (AS) of a Registered contractor


Teaching Model

  • Evening lessons (under special circumstances, classes will be taught online)
  • Class hours: 7:00 to 10:00 pm
  • Teaching Language: Cantonese supplemented with Chinese handouts
  • For details, please call / whatsapp 51128649/9317 3131,
  • Or email



Ventilation Works Category

Courses: 5 lessons (15 hours)

Tuition: $ 5000

Foundation Works Category

Courses: 2 lessons (6 hours)

Tuition: $ 3000

Site Formation Works Category

Courses: 2 lessons (6 hours)

Tuition: $ 3000




Combined Application Offers


Students enrolling in the AS Specialist Contractor Class and General Contractor Strategy Class (Intensive Reading Class) at the same time can enjoy a combined preferential price (subject to payment of tuition fee and registration form)


  • Ventilation System Engineering Category + General Contractor Strategy ClassTuition: $ 9000


  • Basic Engineering Category + General Contractor Strategy ClassTuition: $ 7200


  • Site formation works + general contractor strategy classesTuition: $ 7200

Registration and Reservation:


Please complete the Registration form, and then pay the fee in the following way: