College de Paris

About College de Paris
Ever since it was created, the Collège de Paris has striven to promote French excellence through training. To do this, we bring together recognised institutions of higher learning  – the oldest dates back to 1949. They share three fundamental values: openness to  international markets, teaching excellence, individual attention for each student.

Programmes in offer

Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)
Online Study
Global MBA


Study duration: 1.5 – 2 years

Study Outcome:

Unit 1: Management

Unit 2: International Development

Unit 3: Marketing and Communication

Unit 4: Human Resources

Unit 5: Entrepreneurship

Unit 6: Professional Training

Unit 7: Concentration in IT Management

Doctor in Business Administration (DBA)

Online Study

Study Duration: 2 – 3  years

Study Outcome:

Qualitative Methods

Quantitve Methods

Writing a Literature

ReviewWriting and defending the DBA dissertation