Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Course Introduction

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) course run by the American University of Management and Technology is an overseas course recognized by the Hong Kong Government (Registration Number: 261825). The tutoring course is used to coordinate distance network teaching without having to go abroad, saving huge amounts of money and precious time. You can still take more than one year to take a university degree program accredited by the US Government Department of Education to complete your studies, and you can also obtain an MBA degree certificate that is exactly the same as that obtained by studying in the US school headquarters. Practical courses, combined with flexible learning methods, are very suitable for in-service personnel to learn, truly implement the advantages of Study Smart, experience Anytime, Anywhere, Anything’s sense of autonomy.

Introduction of College

The American University of Management and Technology in Virginia, USA is a modern project management training course, including Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and other professional certificate training courses. And a well-known research university. The school focuses on modern professional management theory and combines practical project management skills required by different industries. The content of the course is practical and practical, which meets the actual needs of workplace management. It is committed to cultivating high-quality high-increasing demands for society and modern enterprises. Management talent.

Online learning platform

A special online learning platform is provided for students to download the syllabus and scoring method of different subjects, and attached with concentrated teaching materials of different subjects, students do not have to purchase additional textbooks, saving money while responding to environmental protection.

Course Outline (15 modules in total)

Mgt 201-Effective Communications and Soft Skills

Mgt 215-Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Mgt 220-Information Technology

Mgt 230-Leadership and Organization

Mgt 236-Decision Making

Mgt 240-Marketing and Sales

Mgt 245-Technological Entrepreneurship

Mgt 250-Project Management

Mgt 251-Planning & Control

Mgt 254-Contracts and Procurement

Mgt 280-Finance

Mgt 299-Business Policy

(Students with a Bachelor of Business Administration are exempt from the following three modules)

Mgt 202-HK Business Law and Ethics

Mgt 285-Economics

Mgt 281-Accounting

Admission requirements

University or college equivalent

At least two years of management work experience

Notes for studying

Students need to complete each exam and apply for graduation after 15 months at the earliest.

For details, please call 51128649 or email to

Graduation instructions

There are 4 opportunities per year to apply for a graduation certificate. The graduation ceremony is held in July every year.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University or the City University of Hong Kong,

Students can also attend the graduation ceremony in the United States.